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Carry cleanliness to the finish line

Provide your equine environments with the highest standards of cleanliness while protecting your horse’s biosecurity with Stablemate by AGMA.

Enhance your stables and protect against illness with equine cleaning supplies that enable you to take a proactive approach to maintaining a clean equine environment.

From domestic stables to professional equine settings, ensuring a safe and protected environment for you and your horse is our number one priority. Stablemate by AGMA helps you to reduce vet bills by enhancing horse health, eliminating strong odours and ensuring they have a safe and comfortable environment to call home.

With a comprehensive range of solutions to suit all equine environments, our range of stable cleaning products help you protect your horses’ health and upgrade their living spaces without added complexities.

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From stables and stall mats to horseboxes

From stables and stall mats to horseboxes and trailers, Boxfresh helps simplify your daily cleaning routine with an easy-to-dose solution that provides your equine environment with a deep clean and pleasant pine aroma.


Enhance your horses’ health and safety

Enhance your horses’ health and safety without the chemical aromas with Cleanse by Stablemate. Our multipurpose detergent contains no harsh or abrasive chemicals and provides a superior clean across stables, horseboxes, stall mats, floors, walls, doors, worktops, ceramics, toilets and paintwork.


Scientifically proven

Scientifically proven to kill strangles, ringworm, and coronaviruses, Dis-in-fect is also DEFRA-approved for general and specific orders (including foot and mouth, swine vesicular and tuberculosis) that gives you the confidence that your stables achieve the highest standard of cleanliness.



Reduce restlessness

Reduce restlessness and promote wellbeing with our Equaroma spray which optimises your horses’ environment by protecting against illness and stress.

Our globally trusted range of cleaning solutions is formulated by our dedicated team of experts with a deep understanding of equine biosecurity. By serving domestic, commercial, and professional markets, our products ensure the highest level of cleanliness across all equestrian environments.


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