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Stay competitive and level up your supply chains with high performance chemical solutions that enable you to innovate with assurance.

From meeting the latest Health and Safety regulations in Manufacturing to preventing pipe corrosion in Oil and Gas production, industrial organisations rely on high performance chemical solutions to operate.

AGMA’s industrial cleaning products range is designed and developed by our innovative technologists who work closely with regulatory experts. With the trust of global leaders across a wide range of industrial settings, we offer assurance that you can continue to innovate with compliance taken care of.

Maximise innovation and comply with confidence with industrial solutions as strong as your reputation.


From household products to electronics, the rapid growth of the manufacturing industry has led to an enhanced need to stay compliant while meeting operational goals. With all our industrial solutions carefully formulated by our team of in-house experts, you can confidently meet regulations while boosting your supply chains.


Whether you serve the sea, land or sky, the transportation industry requires specific products to ensure the safety of each vehicle. Our extensive range of transport cleaning products have been designed to meet the diverse needs of the sector to ensure efficiency and passenger satisfaction.

Marine Chemicals

From the engine room to the hull, the requirement for high quality products spans across all areas of marine operations. With specialised solutions to support your fleets, our comprehensive range of marine chemicals helps you maintain high standards at sea.

Corrosion Prevention

The demanding requirements of the Oil & Gas sector require specialist solutions without complications. Our easy-to-use solutions meet these needs to enable you to protect your equipment from corrosion and continue to innovate.


From biofuels to renewable heat solutions, the emergence of renewable energy has expanded across the globe. Our specialised solutions are formulated to help your industry meet regulations and accelerate the transition into more sustainable energy sources.


Contamination Control. The AGMA Way.

Verified by independent efficacy data, all our products meet strict regulatory standards, enabling you to clean with confidence.

Where necessary, all AGMA products are blended with WFI quality water to help ensure low endotoxin levels. Unlike other disinfectant suppliers, we use our own WFI quality water to manufacture and blend our products to the highest standard, guaranteeing a specification of less than 10 cfu per 100ml water.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information.

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