As we approach our 50th anniversary in 2018, we reflect upon the changes our company has undergone and, more importantly, what we have to look forward to in the future ahead.

A company needs continuity and AGMA has had that in spades in its workforce where we have one 40 year veteran, and several 30 and 20 year plus veterans who throughout turbulent times, have provided that stability. Not many companies in this day and age can claim that degree of loyalty.

The world has changed in 50 years and any company that survives 50 years must understand change and be able to adapt with an ever-advancing industry. Our product ranges have developed and broadened enabling us to handle the various ups and downs of major market conditions.

Oil prices go up and down, more recently down, and historically we have been linked to the offshore drilling industry and its supply vessels.

Our traditional janitorial business allowed us to develop moving into more sophisticated and hence more regulated cleaning and disinfection markets. Up until the financial crash in 2008, AGMA largely focussed on its domestic market only, exporting 10% of its output. Whereas today we export 40% as far afield as South Asia, South East Asia, South America and beyond. We are continuing to expand globally.

We have embraced change with our technology and now operate to GMP standards. As well as our working industrial plant, we have three cleanrooms producing high technology products. AGMA is regularly audited by Global Pharmaceutical companies verifying and ensuring we maintain our high quality standards. In 2008, we took the decision to install the SAP computer software system and now all aspects of our business are fully integrated and streamlined.

In recent years, legislation has been the most significant change that our business has had to deal with in terms of REACH and BPR. We are currently working our way through BPR (the Biocidal Products Regulation), a piece of European legislation demanding registration of Biocidal actives and product formulations. Described by many as ‘big legislation for big companies’ it has become a stick to beat SME’s with and will be discussed in more detail in our next blog.

As ever, we are looking to the future and follow the Brexit negotiations and ramifications closely. We look to continue expanding and increasing our overseas operations, and work to keep our product offering relevant to an ever-changing international market.

Join us on the next 50 years of our journey!