What an amazing Testimonial from Jo

“I’m loving the new AGMA range of equine disinfectants and can say it’s now part of my daily stable cleaning routine as the smell is highly addictive!! I have five stables and struggle as they are all indoors and have no air flow. The ‘Boxfresh’ was great a lovely fresh and long lasting smell but my two favs are the ‘Stable Fresh & Aquaroma’ they are as I say part of the daily routine now!! I am totally addicted and feel the benefits of having a clean and fresh smelling stable yard has had a positive effect on me, here’s hoping it has the same effect on the horses too. Stable management is a very important part of owning a horse, I am always on the look out to find good products, I would definitely recommend trying these.”

Jo Holme

Naylors Barn, Romsley, West Midlands

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