Every cleanroom needs a cleaning and disinfection process that’s consistent and easily repeatable.  That’s why cleanroom wipes are indispensable in your routine– but are you using them as efficiently as you could be?

Here are 5 tips to ensure you’re getting wiping right every time:

1. The movement matters.

It might be tempting, but you should never wipe in circles as this may re-deposit contaminants. Instead, use parallel strokes that overlap slightly to ensure you don’t miss any areas. Pull the wipe towards you–from back to front on horizontal surfaces, and from top to bottom on vertical surfaces–and lift at the end of each stroke to remove the contaminants. 

2. Stay systematic.

Start at the cleanest areas, and move to the dirtiest. Make sure you keep track of which surfaces you have already wiped, so each area is cleaned without unnecessary repetition. It helps to choose either right to left or left to right and stick to it without alteration.  Use a clean surface of the wipe, and stay aware of the areas of the wipe that haven’t yet been used, then use a new wipe once it’s dirtied. 

3. What should be on your wipes?

Alcohol, detergent, sporicide: they all have different purposes in cleanroom wipes. Wipes with sporicides are most effective at killing spores, and detergent wipes are useful for cleaning. Alcohol is effective at capturing and removing particles, residues and dirt, and killing bacteria and enveloped viruses. For disinfection, 70% IPA is most effective, while lower percentages are better used for cleaning. As all these wipes have a specific job, each one is essential and they should be used in a rotation. 

4. Bigger isn’t always better.

Large wipes certainly have advantages: they are easily folded into quarters, to give 8 clean sides to be used without getting a new wipe or re-depositing contaminants. However, smaller wipes are effective at picking up contaminants on smooth surfaces. 

5. Should you pick presaturated?

In short, it depends on what you’re looking for. Dry wipes sprayed with IPA tend to be more cost effective and have a longer shelf life, while pre-saturated wipes are more convenient, have a more consistent volume of liquid each, and reduce the use of solvents. 


Key Takeaway: Methodical is best. 

Whether you start at the left or the right, whether you prefer pre-saturated wipes or spraying them yourself, being systematic in your buying and cleaning is the key to efficiency. You’ll ensure that you have the right products, and that you effectively clean and disinfect everywhere you need, without unnecessary repetition. 

At AGMA, we have a range of pre-saturated and dry wipes, as well as a variety of IPA products, that include everything you need for cleaning and disinfecting cleanrooms. Our wipes are high quality and low linting, and available in both sterile and non-sterile to meet your needs. 

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