The AGMA story started over 50 years ago. A family-run business at the heart of it, we have built out our partners with over 310 customers across 34 countries worldwide, helping them achieve their regulatory and operational goals with our unique approach to carefully crafted chemical solutions.

Who are AGMA?

AGMA are wide-ranging, with professional uses across a range of sectors, from cleanroom sanitisation and environmental hygiene to industrial cleaning, corrosion prevention and detection, varying throughout healthcare, transport, hospitality, manufacturing, and much more.

With over half a century experience, our reputable, BS EN ISO 9001:2015 certified products are manufactured from the expertise of our in-house specialists and the dedication of our customer service team; providing solutions to clean, sanitise and protect in the markets we serve. 

What makes AGMA different? 

We’ve faced a wealth of challenges and demands over our lifespan, arriving through the other end even stronger than before. Whether those hurdles have been the result of technological changes, legislation, evolving environments and workplace standards, we’ve tackled these head on, whilst developing new and innovative solutions. 

The longevity of AGMA is forged from our reputation and service. A reputation that has maintained credible connections with national and international leaders, including the Royal Warrant for 40 years. 

Above all, the expertise that drives our formulation and product qualities has allowed us to grow institutional and industrial hygiene. From our first developments in the mid-seventies in the off-shore Oil industry, we now have the ability to provide specialist raw materials for the Oil & Gas industry, and with an ISO 9001:2015 quality management system in place approved by major pharma auditors, we can work towards a more compliant and regulated way of working.  

The benefits of AGMA’s products

AGMA ensures the highest standards of cleaning and disinfection across all cleanroom environments with a range of sterile and 0.2 micron filtered solutions. We remove the need for unnecessary chemicals and complex procedures, helping you save on costs, while optimising your efficiency and ensuring complete compliance. 

With just four different product types, you can meet all cleaning and disinfection needs

  • Neutral Detergent – Effective cleaning before disinfection
  • Biocide – IPA and Denatured Ethanol
  • Sporicide – Zyceine
  • High Purity Water – WFI Quality Water for rinsing

Where necessary, all AGMA products are blended with Water for injection (WFI) Quality Water to help lower the endotoxin levels. WFI is a water quality standard defined by pharmacopeial groups worldwide, it is used for the most critical pharmaceutical products.

We use our own WFI Quality Water to manufacture and blend our products so they guarantee a specification of less than 10 cfu per 100ml of water. Doing this gives us the benefit of achieving consistency and sustainability between our products, and we know and can testify to the standard of water. We have the water regularly checked by 3rd party service providers, further enhancing the overall quality.

At AGMA, we understand the importance of achieving your industry goals through compliant, regulatory means. Our team of experts are always on hand to advise you on the best solutions to putting your practice first.

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