Invitation to Tender Cleanroom 2021

AGMA Limited are looking to work on a development project which includes the construction and installation of either a soft or hard walled clean room.

There are two tenders for this project-

  1. To construct either a soft or hard walled cleanroom which must include integrated change area & materials transfer area. Cleanroom must also be ISO14644-1 compliant.
  2. AGMA are looking for a reputable business to convert 3 existing storerooms into one room sufficient to accommodate either a soft wall or hard wall clean room. Work is to include all relevant electrical and water installation.

The organisations must be familiar with and have demonstrable experience in the areas described and be available to contract with AGMA Ltd over the timescales outlined within these Invitation to Tenders.

Please click the links below for details.

AGMA Cleanroom Tender February 2021
AGMA Cleanroom Building Works Tender February 2021