As the weather gets colder, snowier and generally worse, we need to make sure we keep our horses safe, warm and happy. Here are six ways you can keep your horse warm and happy as the weather worsens:


It’s incredibly important for a horse to have some form of shelter when the weather is bad – whether this is in a stable, a field shelter or natural shelter, such as trees or lower ground.


Horses always need a consistent supply of food – especially in the winter when grass may not be enough. Consider putting hay out in the field for extra calories.


Make sure water troughs are topped up, and for particularly frosty days, make sure ice is broken and taken out to prevent re-freezing.


Depending on your horse and their individual needs, they may need a rug. While some will be able to go through the winter with no rug on at all, others will need thicker rugs. 


Clip your horse accordingly, depending on their workload. There’s no point fully clipping a horse that is not in work, as more rugging and calories would be required. 

Plan ahead

If the weather forecast looks bad, plan accordingly. Make sure you have enough hay/haylage, feed, water, and shelter, etc.

If you’re choosing to stable your horse, it’s essential to have a good cleaning and disinfection routine to maintain good health. Discover our stable cleaning and disinfection products for your yard at Stablemate.