Lithium ion batteries are increasingly popular as the use of rechargeable devices increases, from phones and laptops to electric cars. The electric revolution is a key factor in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and lithium ion batteries are a huge part of this. 

The controlled environment in which they’re manufactured is as important as the batteries themselves. Maintaining high standards of control and cleanliness helps ensure your products are of the best possible quality. 

You know how vital it is to control the moisture levels in your manufacturing environment: nobody wants an exploding battery! Cleanliness and disinfection is also essential. It may not always be as dramatic as an explosion, but any small contaminant will have a large detrimental impact on the efficacy of the battery. 

So how do you keep your controlled environment clean and free of contaminants? 


Before disinfection, surfaces should be free from any visible soiling or build up of residue and dust. AGMA has developed a Sterile Neutral Detergent with highly effective surface cleaning properties. It doesn’t leave significant residues or smears thanks to its low-foaming formula, and is pH neutral before irradiation, to help protect work surfaces.


Alcohol-based products are the ideal followup to cleaning. They disinfect controlled environments effectively with little to no residue left behind due to fast evaporation times. The AGMA range of alcohol-based products is available in different formats so you can find the ideal solution for your controlled environment. 


Sporicides destroy fungi and spores for a sterile controlled environment. Our unique two-compartment sporicide, Zyceine, has high microbial and sporicidal efficacy, and an unopened shelf life of two years.


Sterile High Purity Water is ideal for removing residues from cleaning and disinfection products so is the perfect product to use for a spotless controlled environment. At AGMA, we manufacture injection quality sterile water for rinsing.

With this simple four step cleaning and disinfection programme, you can feel confident that your controlled environment is sterile, and that the lithium ion batteries you manufacture are of the highest possible quality.

Explore our range of products created to protect controlled environments.