Amy works as a Tech Assistant at our site in Haltwhistle, Northumberland, where we develop and manufacture all our speciality chemical products before shipping them to our customers worldwide.

We asked Amy to share a day in her life to offer a glimpse into her day-to-day at AGMA.

Here’s what she had to say.


It’s Monday morning, half past 8 and my computer gets fired up after its weekend break. I take a seat at my desk in the sales office with two of the most amazing women you could ever wish to work with. 

It’s very hectic on a Monday, so first I book in all our UK dispatches ready for collection. Then it’s onto the emails, usually an inbox full. I enjoy the replies on a Monday, asking all our customers from 34 different countries how their weekends have been. This part of the job is key for me and the most enjoyable. Processing orders, replying to queries and quote requests—offering top-quality customer service is something our company thrives on. 

Wagons come and go, loading and unloading orders.  If our warehouse operative is unavailable, I turn my hand to the forklift—a qualification I had the chance to obtain while working for AGMA. 

A technical assistant’s work is never done though. Amid the everyday workload, there are also other things that need to be done. Answering phones, preparing export documentation and labelling pallets for our worldwide customers, scanning, printing, answering the intercom, keeping our socials updated, team meetings and of course… making the endless cups of tea that keep us all going. 

AGMA is a great place to work, we are like one big family, all sectors working together to keep the products, sales and customer service flowing at the highest level. I have achieved so much this past 10 months. My latest and most humbling moment of all being named Employee of the Year for 2023. It’s a busy, but extremely rewarding job for life.

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