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Vincit 650

Product code: 208303 (210kg)

Water-based protective coating for use on OCTG pipe ID in demanding outdoor conditions


Vincit 650 is a stable aqueous emulsion which contains advanced co-polymers and specialised corrosion inhibitors. They dry to form a transparent tough film lacquer  which is resistant to mechanical damage.

Well maintained stocks of OCTG are essential given the severe forces experienced during offshore operation and the small cost of a preservative coating is worth avoiding an expensive pipe failure. Vincit 640 is ideal for the preservation of ferrous metals and finished surfaces without affecting their appearance, including the ID surfaces of OCTG. 

Vincit 650’s aqueous emulsion is low on VOCs (preventing solvent loss) and is UV resistant so is ideal for most climates, alongside its ease of application with several options available such as an airless spray gun, paint roller or brush. 

Preparation for Coating

Any barrier coating serves to prevent the establishment of corrosion cells by preventing moisture from contact with the metal surface. In order to gain maximum performance from VINCIT 650 it is therefore important to ensure that the surface is clean, dry and free from active corrosion cells before coating commences. Adhesion can be impaired if the coating is applied on top of an existing coating such as ”mill varnish” which may later cause problems. Ideally full removal of old coatings is our recommendation but if left in place then physical disruption to the surface, i.e. power wire brushing, to create a key is essential and may reduce this concern.

An ideal surface is near white metal with a surface profile of 30 to 50 microns as achieved by SA2½. It is recognised that under field conditions such preparations are not always possible. Techniques involving wire brushing and water blasting are sometimes employed. In these cases, it is vital that not only loose scale but also traces of oily, greasy and waxy soils are removed if the optimum performance of VINCIT 650 is to be realised. This is because those residues may contain active hydrated corrosion cells which are merely covered over by the brushing action and then become reactivated underneath the coating.

The use of wire brushing techniques will be greatly enhanced by either solvent cleaning or steam cleaning prior to the mechanical process.

The duration of protection achieved depends, to a large extent, on how good the surface preparation is and attention to this process is important. In simple terms, providing the coating is well applied, the better the surface the longer the coating will protect.

Coating Application

VINCIT 650 is a water based emulsion that is supplied essentially ready for use. During transportation and storage there is potential for some settling to occur and therefore stirring the product prior to use is advised.

A variety of application techniques are possible including airless spraying, paint rolling and brush. Our recommended application is by airless spray. If brushes and rollers are used care should be exercised to prevent coating “drag” in view of the short time required to achieve touch dry films. Under extreme ambient temperature conditions (>80°C surface temperature) wetting the subject with water will assist in achieving an even drying by delaying rapid emulsion break.

We recommend the use of a “comb” type w.f.t. gauge in QA since this invariably measures thickness “over profile”.

The drying time of the coating varies in response to ambient temperature, humidity and ventilation. Touch dryness may be achieved within fifteen minutes but full mechanical strength may not develop for several further hours. The coating should not be exposed to direct rainfall or water until the coating is dry.

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