There are many cleanroom disinfectants out there, most of which claim to be the most effective. However, not all are created equal, and different products need to be used for different aspects of cleanroom cleaning and disinfection. The best products help you provide a clean, sterile environment without too much complexity. 

The simple answer to the question of whether to use alcohol or non-alcohol based products is: use both. For a high standard of cleanroom cleaning and disinfection, a rotational system is best practice. Various steps must be taken at different times, which require different products. A sterile cleanroom cannot be achieved with only alcohol-based products for the simple reason that alcohol-based products are not sporicidal, and should be used as disinfectant, rather than cleaners. A rotational system is advised in order to combat the different types of contaminants.

Four Steps of Cleanroom Cleaning and Disinfection:


For effective disinfection to be achieved it is imperative that surfaces are free from any visible soiling or build up of residue from previous disinfectant applications. AGMA has developed a Sterile Neutral Detergent specifically for use in cleanrooms. With highly effective surface cleaning properties it is ideal when a deep clean is required. Formulated to be low foaming, it does not leave significant residues or smears. In addition, it is pH neutral before irradiation and therefore helps protect more delicate work surfaces and those prone to corrosion.

Alcohol-based disinfectant

Alcohol-based products are the ideal followup to cleaning in order to disinfect cleanrooms effectively with little to no residue left behind due to fast evaporation times. At AGMA we have isopropanol alcohol based products and denatured ethanol products, available in different delivery formats so you can find the perfect solution for your cleanroom. 


One of the drawbacks of alcohol based cleanroom disinfection products is that they are less effective against fungi and spores. This means a sporicide is also needed in order to ensure a sterile cleanroom environment. Our unique two-compartment sporicide, Zyceine, has high microbial/sporidicall efficacy and an unopened shelf life of two years.

High Purity Water

Sterile High Purity Water is one of the simplest cleanroom solvents for surface cleaning. Water is an excellent solvent for ionic salts and sugars which are often used in preparations. Crucially, it is also ideal for removing residues from cleaning and disinfection products so is the perfect product to use for a spotless cleanroom. At AGMA, we manufacture injection quality sterile water for rinsing.

There is no one perfect cleanroom cleaning and disinfection product, whether or not it is alcohol based. Within this simple four step cleaning and disinfection programme, it is clear that both alcohol and non-alcohol based products are necessary, but alcohol-based disinfectants are an essential element of keeping cleanrooms sterile. 

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