From meeting the latest Health and Safety regulations in Manufacturing to preventing pipe corrosion in Oil and Gas production, industrial organisations rely on high performance corrosion solutions to innovate. 


Within the industrial sector, like many others, you want safety, financial efficiency and reliable products to last. The demanding requirements of this industry means that specific solutions must be available without complications to help provide businesses with more than just extending the longevity of their products. 


Why corrosion solutions will benefit your business?

Reduced repair costs

Corrosion prevention can extend the life of protected equipment. As less repairs are needed due to great corrosion management, in many cases the need to repair items can be avoided prior to use. 


Prevents operational losses

Corroded industrial equipment can disrupt an entire operation when it breaks down. With the correct corrosion prevention solutions, operational disruptions can be avoided. 


Avoids legal problems

If equipment is damaged due to corroded material, it may cause serious environmental issues that could potentially result in legal problems. With corrosion protection and solutions, the likelihood of unwanted legal problems from corrosive materials is reduced.


What corrosion solutions work for you?

Corrosive solutions are versatile, but some are suited to work better depending on the types of materials they encounter or the environment they are placed in. Oil and Gas companies will have different requirements to those who operate within a marine setting, so consideration must be given when it comes to choosing what preventive solution is best for your equipment and your business. 

Easy and inexpensive to apply,
Synergen 501 provides long term protection in the majority of climates. In doing so it keeps corrosion at bay with semi-permanent ester-wax for metal preservation. When applied, the solvent carrier evaporates to leave a durable coating which firms but never hardens to a solid state, preventing flaking, allowing self-healing and providing a good resistance to impact damage.

Synergen 718 is a mobile liquid of low viscosity which combines the functions of water displacement with a light water resistant coating. Easy to apply, this coating for internal surfaces will protect bare metal against corrosion, for extended periods in the most severe climate conditions. 

Effective at low concentrations,
Synergen 66 is compatible with antifreeze and is suitable for all closed cooling systems in the presence of all common metals. Easy to dose and simple to control, this unique formulation is designed to be compatible with all common metals and contains a balanced mix of corrosion inhibitors and scale retardants within solution. 

At AGMA, we make sure our easy-to-use solutions meet the demanding requirements of the industrial sector. Designed and developed by our innovative technologists who work closely with regulatory experts, we ensure high performing corrosion solutions for a multitude of different businesses. 

AGMA corrosion solutions can:

  • Protect you and your equipment 
  • Reduce your costs 
  • Help you adhere to Health and Safety regulations

Are you looking for the corrosion solution best suited for your business? 

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