If you work in healthcare, you know how vital it is to control contamination in your cleanrooms. With hospital acquired infections on the rise it is more essential than ever to maintain control – we’ve got 6 ways to help you reduce the contamination, with all the products to help. 

Clean surfaces and objects

Before disinfection, it’s important to make sure that surfaces and items in your cleanroom are clean and free from visible soiling, dust and residue. You want to be able to do this easily and effectively, with a product that doesn’t leave significant smears and residue on surfaces. 

Neutral Detergent from AGMA is formulated by our experts specifically for use in cleanrooms. It is available in a range of formats so you can choose whatever is easiest for you, and has a 2 year unopened shelf life so you can feel confident that it remains effective. 

Disinfect surfaces

Of course, we couldn’t write a blog on cleanroom contamination without talking about disinfection. Bacteria and enveloped viruses can be extremely harmful contaminants, and it’s important to use products that kill them effectively. 

At AGMA, we have a range of sterile isopropanol and denatured ethanol products. Many of these are perfect for disinfecting cleanrooms, with 70% sterile alcohol in WFI quality water, so you know the products are both effective and sterile. They are available in a variety of sizes, as well as pre-impregnated wipes so you don’t have to worry about using the wrong amount of product. 

Eliminate spores

Some bacteria create bacterial spores, which are resistant to mos5 disinfectants. The best way to get rid of these spores is to use a sporicide. However, many sporicides have a short shelf life and can be harmful to delicate cleanroom surfaces. 

Sterile Zyceine provides all the positives of an effective, efficient sporicide while reducing many of the common negative aspects, with a 2 year unopened shelf life and minimal residue.

Rinse surfaces 

Ionic salts and sugars are often used in preparations and can be left behind by cleaning and disinfection products. 

AGMA Sterile High Purity Water is an excellent solvent for these, and comes in an easy trigger spray that stays sterile for 13 weeks of use.

Disinfect hands

One of the main ways that contaminants are brought into and transported around cleanrooms is through people. Strict hand hygiene is a key factor in reducing this. 

AGMA Mysogel is a fully licensed and compliant biocidal hand sanitiser that is proven to kill bacteria and enveloped viruses for uncompromised protection. Using this regularly can help ensure the people in your cleanroom are carrying fewer contaminants.

Do you follow these 5 steps to reduce contamination in your cleanrooms? And could you do so more effectively?

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