Maintaining a high standard of sanitised protection is key in the healthcare industry, particularly in cleanrooms. Cleanrooms play a vital role in ensuring patient and product safety. Due to the high rise in the rate of hospital-acquired infections, cleanroom technology is crucial for hospitals and medical treatment facilities.

You want to maintain quality at a sustainable cost, while meeting GMP and ISO regulatory standards. 

To do this, you need to get your cleaning and disinfection products from a reliable company that has consistency in supply chain and quality of product, maintaining sanitised production for effective products at a competitive price.

For over half a century, AGMA has built a reputation for quality and service, providing bespoke disinfection and sanitisation solutions that enable healthcare organisations to enhance the quality and performance of their delivery systems, supply chain and production.

In this blog, we’ll share six AGMA solutions, from 3 areas in our healthcare range, that will help ensure the highest hygiene standards within healthcare environments, prevent product contamination and achieve regulatory compliance.


The Sterile Range (Gamma Irradiated)

Sterile neutral detergents

AGMA have developed a Sterile Neutral Detergent specifically for use in cleanrooms, and available in 500ml, 1L and 5L bottles, a 900ml trigger spray and impregnated into wipes. 

With highly effective surface cleaning properties and a low foaming formula, it is ideal when a deep clean is required, and does not leave significant residues or smears. In addition, it is pH neutral before irradiation so helps protect more delicate work surfaces and those prone to corrosion.

Sterile Mop Wipes (new)

Sterile DE Mop Wipes from AGMA are a practical, convenient, and effective solution to daily cleaning and disinfection of larger surface areas within Cleanrooms. Our presaturated single use wipes are ready to use and are perfect for a bucketless system, saving operator time and avoiding logistical challenges created by laundered wipes, while providing superior contaminant capture and retention during cleaning and disinfection.


The Healthcare Product Range (0.2 Micron Filtered)

Alcohol products

Our alcohol-based products are typically available as both 70% IsopropanoI (IPA) & 70% Denatured Ethanol (DE), in 5L bottles, aerosol, trigger sprays and impregnated into wipes.

All AGMA alcohol products use European Pharmacopoeia-grade alcohol before being blended with injection-quality water. All products are available with the necessary supporting documentation required to demonstrate a premium quality product that is suitable for use in all cleanroom areas as required. All CEN test data is available on request.


Hand sanitisers

AGMA Mysogel is independently proven to kill bacteria and enveloped viruses, including coronaviruses, without drying out the skin. It is a fully validated, compliant, and premium quality biocidal hand sanitiser, with two variations available.


The Hard Surface Cleaners


CINCH is perfect for domestic cleaning within healthcare facilities and will clean most hard surfaces including worktops, walls, floors and paintwork. The concentrated pine-based detergent has excellent cleaning properties that cleans and deodorises in one operation, without scratching or staining.

CINCH is packed in 1 litre bottles with a precision dosing system.



VIVA is a specially formulated, fast-acting, heavy duty maintenance cleaner. Particularly effective on oil and grease-bound dirt. VIVA is readily soluble and may be used with complete safety on all metal, glass, plastic and ceramic surfaces, but is not suitable for use in cleanrooms. 

Unlike many competitive products, VIVA does not need rinsing with water, a single wipe with the prepared solution will leave a bright surface free from streaks and suds.

Please note CINCH and VIVA are not suitable for use in cleanrooms, VIVA can be used in peripheral areas. 

The difference is in the details

Every AGMA chemical solution has been formulated by our in-house experts and we have been audited by global pharmaceutical leaders. So, whether you’re trying to prevent contamination, or keep your systems maintained, you can choose a product that performs to the highest standard.

We pride ourselves on product quality and customer service and are certified with BS EN ISO 9001: 2015. All products are developed, formulated, and manufactured in the UK in accordance with cGMP, and we are audited internally and externally by representatives from the pharmaceutical industry.


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