At AGMA, we know how important it is that we understand the challenges in your sector, so we can help you resolve them. Oil and gas, manufacturing and marine industries have some unique challenges, as well as some that cross over between the three. 

We’ve gathered some of the biggest challenges facing these industries, alongside a curated list of a number of AGMA solutions that best solve these problems.

Oil and gas


For the oil and gas industry, it’s important to increase reliability, which in turn saves money, stress and manpower. With more reliability, you extend the life of your sites, prevent unplanned shutdowns and increase the output from your sites.

As with many other sectors, reducing environmental impact is vital in oil and gas. Regulations are becoming ever more stringent, so it’s key to reduce Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions, as well as the possibility of leaks or spills.


Agmaklenz 42W can remove even the toughest of residues and ensure a clean, fresh finish. A highly alkaline degreaser detergent, Agmaklenz 42W combines dispersants and water softeners to remove oils, greases, carbon, rust, scale and paint. Agmaklenz 42W is commonly used in hot or cold soak tank operations and has been trusted by the OCTG industry to refurbish oil drilling tools for over 35 years.




Reducing environmental impact is also a major challenge in the manufacturing industry, to meet regulations and improve PR. 

Another key challenge in manufacturing is improving the efficiency of equipment and systems, while reducing costs in order to remain competitive.


Agmasol 232 effortlessly degrease hard industrial surfaces with heavy duty wipes. Ideal for use as a solvent cleaner for paints, resins and elastomers, this product is designed to give good solvency with low toxicity and controlled evaporation.

Agmasol 232 can be used to replace many solvents that raise concern over toxicity, high VOC and flammability and has found acclaim with those working with epoxies.

Isopropanol 99 Wipes effortlessly degrease with a 99% IPA wipe designed to withstand the most challenging environments. Suitable for use on most hard surfaces, AGMA’s Isopropanol 99 Wipes provide good solvency and rapid evaporation. Industry acclaimed and Rolls Royce approved, these wipes are extremely absorbent and designed to meet the toughest of tests. The wipes are impregnated with pharmaceutical-grade IPA 99% and are safely stored in a heat sealed foil bag to prevent alcohol loss both before and during use.



As with other sectors, the challenge at the forefront of the marine industry is reducing harm to the environment.
Oil spills are a PR nightmare as they are so visible, and of course have a negative impact on the environment.
When working at sea, and especially on long voyages, it’s important to feel confident that you can rely on your equipment. 


DR 379 Oil Spill Dispersant rapidly and effectively disperse oil spills and continue meeting marine regulations. This concentrated blend of emulsifiers is designed for the rapid and effective dispersal of oil spills. DR 379 oil spill dispersant solution is licensed for application at sea, on sandy or pebble amenity beaches and also on rocky shores.

Air Cool Cleaner can stabilise your air cooler efficiency and extend its lifespan. Save time and maintenance costs, and avoid damaging your air cooler by using Air Cool Cleaner without having to remove the air cooler from charge air trunking to clean.

This solution is completely combustible, leaves no residue, and has no deleterious effects on engines. When diluted in water, it is non-flammable, non-explosive and has no flash point.

Using the right products is vital to ensure your equipment is protected, you’re meeting industry regulations and you improve efficiency and reduce unexpected costs. If you want to know more, speak to one of our experts.