Cleaning and disinfection are vital in cleanrooms to prevent contamination and keep people and products safe. The use of cleaning products and biocides goes a long way towards this goal. 

However, some bacteria and fungi produce spores, which are extremely resilient and can withstand very harsh conditions. This means a specialised product is needed to keep your cleanroom in peak condition; a sporicide to destroy these spores. 

Sporicides can be very effective but can have drawbacks, too: the chemicals can quickly degrade, leading to a decreased shelf life, and some sporicides are corrosive to equipment. This means that picking the right sporicide is essential.


What is Zyceine?

Zyceine is an award-winning sporicide, unique from AGMA, that combines convenience with efficacy, safety and a longer shelf life than other sporicides. 

What makes Zyceine special is the design: there are two compartments which keep the two compounds separate and stable, to prevent the products degrading after they are in contact and therefore reducing efficacy. 

When an operator wants to use Zyceine they break the seal, allowing the compounds to mix. For wipes, the product must be manipulated to allow full homogenisation. 

For the fluid itself it takes approximately 5 minutes for the solution to homogenise, then the product is ready to disinfect your surfaces as part of a mopping system or impregnated into dry wipes.

Here’s where the new product size comes in handy: our 200ml product is perfect for a small surface, but if you have a larger surface area you may need to wait for the solution to mix several times. 

With our 1L size you can cover five times the area without any additional waiting time, with the same high level of efficacy. 

Pre-impregnated Sterile Zyceine in WFI High Quality Wipes are also available for convenience on different surfaces. 

The benefits of Zyceine

  • Zyceine is used and trusted by numerous NHS trusts and Pharma manufacturers, so you know our product will work for you, too. 
  • The solution leaves minimal residue. Many sporicides on the market may be classed as hazardous or corrosive. 
  • Zyceine is effective at destroying a wide range of microbes, fungi and more. 
  • The product has a 2 year unopened shelf life when not in use, so maintains its efficacy much longer than other sporicides on the market.

Sporicides are key in keeping your cleanroom sterile. Zyceine provides all the positives of an effective, efficient sporicide while reducing many of the negative aspects present in other products.

If you would like more information or to place an order, please get in touch.