There’s no surprise that there has been a growth in the cleanroom consumables and technology markets. In our blog, ‘5 challenges Cleanrooms will face in the next 12 months’, we found out that the global cleanroom consumables market will reach $20.87 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 9.17% during the forecast period 2021 to 2028. And the cleanroom technology market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.1% between 2021 and 2026, aided by sustainable innovations

Within the healthcare sector, this means that the consistency of cleanliness will stay high in cleanrooms. In order to keep on top of this, we’ve broken down our product range based on your different cleanroom requirements.


Our day-to-day disinfection recommendations

Sterile DE and IPA 70% in WFI

Our Sterile DE and IPA 70% in WFI products are perfect to use across worktops, instruments, gloved hands and transferred items. As well as being 0.2 micron filtered gamma irradiated products, they’re a proven industry standard biocide within pharmaceutical and hospital cleanrooms. You can get these in the form of an aerosol, a trigger spray, fluid, and as 32gsm economy and 68 gsm high quality low particulate wipes.


If you need something that evaporates fast, our IPA 99.7% is ideal for cleaning and degreasing cleanroom surfaces. It’s available in a trigger spray, as well as a large container for an even more cost-effective solution. 

Sterile High Quality Polyester Cellulose Dry Wipes

If you’re looking for dry wipes to go with your products, our Sterile High Quality Polyester Cellulose Dry Wipes are multipurpose and can be used with all disinfectants, alcohols and detergents – leaving no residue behind. 

Sterile Neutral Detergent

When a deep clean is required within your cleanroom, our Sterile Neutral Detergent products have highly effective surface cleaning properties. Available as a 0.2 micron-filtered formulation and as a gamma irradiated Sterile solution, there’s something suitable for whichever class your cleanroom is. Our Sterile Neutral Detergents come in a trigger spray and a fluid container to dose dry wipes, use within mopping systems or as high quality, low linting 68gsm wipes.

To ensure you’re wiping down your cleanroom as effectively as possible, check out our ‘5 tips on wiping cleanrooms efficiently’ blog. 


Our deep clean recommendations 

Sterile Zyceine in WFI 

If you’re looking for a product that ticks all the boxes, our award-winning Sterile Zyceine in WFI is a powerful bactericide, sporicide, fungicide and mould killer, which is available as a liquid pouch in two sizes, 200ml and 1L – perfect for mopping larger areas such as floors – or as high-quality wipes to protect your cleanroom.

Sterile High Purity Water

After you’ve finished the disinfection process, it’s paramount that residues such as ionic salts and sugars are removed. Our Sterile High Purity Water is one of the simplest cleanroom solvents for surface cleaning, ensuring no disinfectant residue is left behind in your cleanroom environment. This product comes as a fluid, which is perfect for mopping and dosing wipes, and is also available in a trigger spray bottle.

Whether it’s for deep cleaning or disinfecting your cleanroom daily, we have been formulating chemical solutions for over 50 years, and have an expert team that can help you find the perfect product. Discover the healthcare products we offer or get in touch today.