Spores and sporicides 

When bacteria cells sense adverse conditions they can change forms to become a spore. These bacterial spores, such as C difficile, are very resistant: they can live for months or even years in a dormant form on surfaces, and are difficult to kill.  

Most disinfectants are fairly ineffective against spores, which is what makes sporicides––which are designed to eliminate them––so important in keeping your healthcare environments sterile. 

Why is Zyceine unique? 

The efficacy of sporicides often reduces quickly, resulting in a short shelf life. However, Zyceine from AGMA has an award-winning design that results in a 2 year unopened shelf life. 

There are two compartments which keep the compounds separate and stable, preventing the products degrading and losing efficacy. 

To use Zyceine the operator simply breaks the seal, allowing the compounds to mix. 

It takes around 5 minutes for the solution to mix, then the product is ready to eliminate spores and disinfect your surfaces. This can be with our impregnated wipes, or with the fluids as part of a mopping system or impregnated into dry wipes.

Why should Zyceine be part of your healthcare cleaning regime? 

Read our blog “Zyceine: A Unique Sporicide from AGMA,” to discover why so many NHS trusts and global Pharma manufacturers use and trust Zyceine, and why you can feel confident that it will work for you, too. 

Zyceine provides all the positives of an effective, efficient sporicide while reducing many of the negative aspects present in other products. It is effective at destroying a wide range of microbes, fungi and more, while leaving minimal residue. Many other sporicides are classed as hazardous or corrosive. Thanks to our unique design, Zyceine maintains its efficacy for 2 years, much longer than other available sporicides. 

Our 200ml product is perfect for a small surface, while with the 1L size you can cover five times the area with no additional waiting time. Zyceine is also available as pre-impregnated wipes for your convenience. 

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