If you work in healthcare or the pharmaceutical sector, you know that disinfectants are key. 

Disinfectants are a varied group of chemicals that kill microorganisms like bacteria and fungi. In cleanrooms, disinfection is vital to ensure the best standards of products and to make sure you’re meeting industry standards.

However, not all disinfectants are created equal. There are many different attributes that you should consider in order to feel confident that you’re choosing the ideal product for your business: 

  • Does the disinfectant have a wide spectrum of activity?
  • Is there a short contact time (ideally 5 minutes or less)?
  • Does the product leave large amounts of residue?
  • If the disinfectant is alcohol based, what is the percentage of Alcohol? 
  • Which type of product is the easiest for you to use?
    • Ready-to-use?
    • Concentrated?
    • Trigger sprays?
    • Aerosols?
    • Pre-impregnated wipes?
  • Is the disinfectant compatible with materials and surfaces in your cleanroom?
  • Do you need a sporicide, too?
  • Is there a reliable supply chain for the product?
  • Does the disinfectant suit your budget?
  • Does the supplier have an ISO9001:2015 quality management system in place?
  • Is the product registered under BPR or due to be registered?

Most of the attributes on the checklist are easy to ascertain for your cleanroom, but some come down to personal preference. For example, choosing between a spray or a wipe can be confusing. 

Sprays and wipes both have benefits, so it really is up to you which suits you better. 

AGMA trigger sprays have an easy-to-operate handle to reduce strain on the operator, and are versatile as they can be used with dry wipes. 

Our pre-impregnated wipes are high density to ensure you’re getting the correct volume of disinfectant each and every time you use them.

Both types of product also have a 2 year unopened shelf life and are available in various sizes for your convenience. If you choose wipes, we recommend you read our previous blog, 5 tips for wiping cleanrooms efficiently, to ensure you’re using the correct wiping techniques. 

At AGMA, we have a wide array of disinfectants, including an award-winning sporicide, Zyceine. At AGMA, we have an ISO9001:2015 quality management system in place, and many of our disinfectants are registered to BPR, or in the process of being registered. This means you know they’ll work, and you have peace of mind that your products are compliant. Whether you’re looking for trigger sprays, 5L bottles, or wipes of various sizes, we have something to suit every budget, preference, and type of cleanroom.

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