Whether it’s in oil and gas, renewables, marine, or manufacturing, cleaning products for the industrial sector have to be specialised. 

With very particular demands, high operational risks and costs and heavy regulation, industrial organisations need the right solutions, not just to clean surfaces, but to stay safe and operational.

This is true whether its heavy-weight cleaning solutions for large-scale manufacturing processes to specific cleaning products that ensure the safety of transportation vehicles, or marine chemicals that maintain high standards in extreme conditions at sea. 

Fortunately, the development and formulation of industrial cleaners and wipes have advanced to better meet these needs while complying with regulations, and meeting operational goals.

However, industrial buyers still need to weigh up their needs and regulations, safety, convenience, and efficiency, when considering what cleaning solutions are best for them. This blog will help you better understand industrial cleaners, applications and how to go about choosing the right products. 


Types of industrial cleaners

Industrial cleaners find diverse applications across different sectors. They are used in manufacturing and production facilities to clean components, machinery, equipment, and work surfaces. In the automotive and transportation industry, they are effective in removing grease, oil, and dirt from vehicle parts and surfaces. In marine applications, industrial cleaners help maintain the cleanliness and functionality of marine vessels by removing salt deposits, rust, and other surface contamination.

Industrial cleaners come in various forms, each catering to specific cleaning requirements. They include detergents, solvents, degreasers, and cleaning wipes. 



Detergents are commonly used for general cleaning tasks and hard surface cleaning. They contain surfactants that help remove dirt and grime effectively. Detergents find applications in a wide range of industrial settings, including concrete floors, industrial equipment and machinery, motor parts, aircraft parts in the aviation industry, oil refinery tanks, food processing plants, printing presses, and boat bilge cleaning. Modern detergents, like Agmapak, offer the convenience of not requiring rinsing with water.

These industrial detergents can tackle industrial cleaning tasks that previously may have required solvents, the use of which, increasingly stricter guidelines and regulations re beginning to limit. For instance, Solcon 740 LT represents an efficient water-based alternative to many traditional solvent cleaners with less potentially hazardous substances. 



  • General cleaning and degreasing of hard surfaces
  • Cleaning concrete floors
  • Industrial equipment and machinery cleaning
  • Cleaning motor parts
  • Removing oil and grease from aircraft parts in the aviation industry
  • Tanks cleaning in oil refineries
  • Cleaning stoves, hoods, and air filtering systems in food processing plants
  • Cleaning printing presses
  • Bilge cleaning for boats
  • Surface preparation before painting



Solvents are powerful cleaners that use chemical agents to dissolve or disperse substances like adhesives, paints, or oils. They are commonly found in manufacturing, electronics, and maintenance industries. Solvent cleaners, such as Agmasol PS40, are useful for effortlessly degreasing hard industrial surfaces. They play a crucial role in removing stubborn stains or contaminants from a variety of surfaces and equipment.



  • Removing adhesives, sealants, and coatings from surfaces
    Cleaning heavy oils, greases, and lubricants from machinery parts and equipment
  • Degreasing metal surfaces before painting or coating
  • Cleaning and degreasing industrial tools and moulds
  • Coolant system cleaning
  • Removing paint and varnish residues
  • Dissolving and cleaning oil and grease stains from surfaces
  • Removing ink and marker stains
  • Cleaning electronics and electrical components
  • Removing tar and asphalt residues



Specifically designed for removing grease and oils, degreasers like Solcon 80R are particularly potent. They are used in various industrial applications, including industrial equipment, manufacturing facilities, automotive industry, heavy machinery, maintenance, repair, and heavy-duty rig wash. Degreasers effectively remove grease and oil buildup, ensuring optimal performance and prolonging the lifespan of machinery.


  • Removing heavy grease, oils, and grime from industrial machinery and equipment
  • Degreasing metal parts, components, and surfaces in manufacturing facilities
  • Cleaning automotive parts, including engine components and transmissions
  • Degreasing heavy machinery used in construction and mining industries
  • Maintenance and repair tasks to remove stubborn grease, oil, and dirt from equipment and surfaces
  • Cleaning and degreasing oily garage and engineering shop floors
  • Degreasing vehicle engines and chassis
  • Heavy-duty rig wash for cleaning rigs, drilling equipment, and oilfield machinery

Cleaning wipes

Industrial wipes, such as Agmasol PS40 wipes , Solcon 740 LT wipes, and Isopropanol 99 wipes, offer convenience, efficiency, and time-saving benefits. They are virtually indestructible in your hand, and are impregnated with detergents or solvents and are suitable for a wide range of applications. They provide spill control, equipment maintenance, and sanitisation benefits in industrial environments.


Detergents Degreasers Solvent cleaners
Heavy duty cleaners

Solcon 740

Solcon 740 LT

General purpose cleaners

Industrial Mysowipe 

Agmaklenze 42W




Solcon 80R LT

Solcon 80R

Agmasol 232

Agmasol PT

Agmasol PS40

Solcon 137

Isopropanol 99 wipes


Choosing the right products

When selecting industrial cleaning products, it is crucial to assess the specific requirements and select products that meet both operational goals and regulatory standards.

When selecting industrial cleaners, several factors need to be considered:

  • Cleaning needs
  • Compatibility with materials
  • Effectiveness
  • Ease of use
  • Regulatory compliance guidelines
  • Budget constraints
  • Safety and environmental impact
  • Certifications and Standards


The development and formulation of industrial cleaners have significantly advanced to meet the unique challenges faced by heavy industries. With a range of options available, understanding the different types of cleaners, their applications, and the factors to consider when choosing the right products is essential. By making informed decisions, industrial organisations can ensure cleanliness, safety, and optimal performance in their operations.

Key takeaways 

  • Industrial cleaners for heavy industry must be specialised, considering specific demands, high risks, and strict regulations.Types of industrial cleaners include detergents, solvents, degreasers, and cleaning wipes.
  • Detergents are suitable for general cleaning tasks and hard surface cleaning, while solvents are more powerful and effective in removing substances like adhesives, paints, and oils.
  • Degreasers are specifically designed for removing grease and oils from surfaces and are commonly used in industrial equipment, manufacturing, automotive, and maintenance applications.
  • Cleaning wipes offer convenience and efficiency, providing spill control, equipment maintenance, and sanitisation benefits.
  • Industrial cleaners have diverse applications in manufacturing, automotive, transportation, and marine industries.
  • When choosing industrial cleaners, consider factors such as cleaning needs, material compatibility, effectiveness, regulatory compliance, and budget constraints.
  • Understanding the different types of industrial cleaners and their applications is essential for selecting the right products to meet operational goals and regulatory standards.

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