Last week, our team had the privilege of attending the Cleanroom Technology Conference 2024.

The Cleanroom Technology Conference is two days of talks and networking that takes place every year with some of the biggest players in the cleanroom sector. 

This annual gathering is always a hub for insightful talks about the operational intricacies of cleanrooms in the pharmaceutical and semiconductor manufacturing industries

We reconnected with familiar faces, engaged in thought-provoking discussions, and were excited to launch our latest innovation—the Sterile Alkaline Detergent.

The conference not only showcased the advancements in our field but also highlighted major themes and emerging technologies set to transform cleanroom practices in the months and years to come. Among these, automation, enhanced contamination control, and next-generation filtration systems promise to elevate the standards of cleanroom environments. With the updates to Annex 1 finally coming into effect last year, contamination control strategies emerged as a central theme along with questions about how best to approach them and optimise them. As ever, developing products that are both convenient to use and designed to fit seamlessly into a practical Contamination Control Strategy remains a top priority for us.

The launch of Sterile Alkaline Detergent 

The Cleanroom Technology Conference was the perfect venue for launching our latest innovation, the Sterile Alkaline Detergent. Developed and meticulously formulated in our UK labs and plant, this detergent meets the stringent standards of Annex 1. 

We specifically developed our Sterile Alkaline Detergent to tackle more intensive cleaning tasks within cleanrooms, effectively removing stubborn contaminants, minimising particulate generation, and enhancing microbial control. While ideal for tough cleaning challenges, it complements our sterile neutral detergent for delicate surfaces, allowing operators to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and safety by tailoring their cleaning protocols to specific cleanroom needs.

Designed for cleaning various surfaces in cleanroom environments, it is gamma-irradiated for sterility and features a double-bagged system to ensure in-use sterility. BS EN tested and manufactured to GMP standards, it comes with full traceability and supporting documentation, making contamination control straightforward and reliable.

We really enjoyed the Cleanroom Technology Conference. It prompted some interesting food for thought. It was great to see our friends and peers in the industry, and to reveal our latest product that we’re so excited to share.