Cleanroom contamination control strategies: 4 key considerations

Crafting an effective contamination control strategy is essential for the smooth operation of cleanrooms.

 When it comes to pharmaceutical manufacturing, maintaining cleanliness and controlling contamination is paramount to ensure product quality, safety, and regulatory compliance. This industry holds some of the strictest cleanroom classifications, which means contamination control strategy implementation is paramount.. Otherwise, it can result in serious consequences.

 In order to ensure safer practices, here are 4 areas to consider when putting cleanroom contamination control strategies in place.


Understanding sources of contamination

From equipment used, people within your cleanrooms, to your cleaning processes – understanding sources of contamination is incredibly important. By understanding these factors, it helps you implement effective strategies. In our blog, ‘Pharmaceutical manufacturing: 3 ways contamination can occur‘, we explore how contamination can occur in more detail.


Gowning and degowning practices

People are one of the biggest contributors to cleanroom contamination, which is why wearing PPE is crucial. But how your people prepare before entering, move whilst in a cleanroom, and degown afterwards plays a big part in contamination control. By having strategies on best practices for gowning and degowning, you’re able to reduce the risk of contamination. If you’d like some hints and tips, check out our blog, ‘6 tips to help you gown and de-gown safely and effectively’.


The products you’re using

What you use within your cleanroom is also something that should be factored into your contamination control strategy. One of the ways you can take control is by employing the right products and ensuring they’re suitable for your cleanroom. If you’d like some guidance on choosing something such as a cleaning product or disinfectant, we can help you understand what you should consider in our blog, ‘Cleanrooms: Key Considerations for Contamination Control’.


The future of cleanroom technology and equipment

It’s always important to keep abreast of the latest and upcoming emerging trends and innovations in cleanroom technology. Top trends such as the rise of modular cleanroom designs, implementation of advanced air filtration systems, portable cleanrooms and energy-efficient technologies are all impacting cleanroom strategies.  

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