Whether you’re working in an industry with cleanrooms, industrial sector, or controlled manufacturing environments, it’s important to use the right products with the correct delivery method for your business to remain effective and compliant. 

Cleanroom and industrial protection 

Cleanliness of cleanrooms must surpass a high standard. From contamination control to manufacturing lifesaving pharmaceutical products, it’s integral that the right products are used in the right ways. At AGMA, we ensure your cleanroom meets the standards of disinfection with cleaning products fully certified by global governing bodies, supporting your compliance with strict regulations. 

If you work in healthcare or the pharmaceutical sector, you’ll know the importance of maintaining a compliant cleanroom environment. For effective disinfection to be achieved, it’s important surfaces are free from any visible soiling or build up of residue from previous disinfectant applications. 

On the flip side of the coin, the industrial sector has rigid regulations they must abide by when operating. Whether it’s preventing pipe corrosion in the oil and gas industry or relying on chemicals solutions to operate, the application of cleaning products gives peace of mind when it comes to compliance and meeting operational goals.   

AGMA’s expertise in development, formulation, and manufacturing provide a reputable selection of products for a multitude of environments, surfaces and cleaning standards. Delivery of those products is integral to the cleaning process and can vary between wipes, mops, and/or sprays depending on surface type and  accessibility. 


Cleanroom wipes vary, depending on what environment you’re cleaning it’s important to find the right wipe to suit the surfaces, and meet the cleaning processes you require. A cleanroom wipe is low linting, often used for disinfection purposes. Common cleanroom contamination would be solid particles, liquids and bio contaminants, and to fight these different types of wipe materials have been developed to offer absorbency, cleanliness, resistance to chemicals and abrasion resistance. 

Keep cleanrooms clean and compliant with Sterile Neutral Detergent 4YPIN Economy Pouch Wipes, ready-to-use across day-to-day cleaners across a range of worktops, instruments and transferred items. Impregnated with neutral detergents, the cleaner is also available across other delivery methods such as spray, wipes and is 45kGy gamma irradiated for assured sterility.

Throughout the industrial sector, the cleanliness of your equipment often determines your performance. Rolls-Royce approved Isopropanol 99 Wipes are designed to help you withstand challenging environments and contaminants. From engineering, aerospace, automotive and much more, carefully selected application of this non-woven wipe is often used to clean components, remove adhesive residue and oil and grease based soils.


Sterile products can also be applied through solution-based cleaning liquids. For both, cleanrooms and industrial environments not all surfaces and materials will be cleaned with wipes. Alternative delivery, such as spray and mop-based methods clean floors and flat surfaces, and make best use of a range of AGMA products.

VIVA Hard Surface Cleaner is a specially formulated, fast-acting, maintenance cleaner that is particularly useful on surfaces, removing streak and suds of oil and grease. Although it can only be used in peripheral cleanroom areas that are not classified, it is a versatile detergent concentrate that can be used on all metal, plastic, glass and ceramic services, best applied through spray or if you’re cleaning a large surface area, a mop or brush works sufficiently. Elsewhere VIVA can be used as a hard surfaced cleaner. 

At AGMA, we pride ourselves on our wide variety of exceptional products. We create high quality solutions manufactured in the UK to resolve your business challenges.

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