Within industrial, automotive, construction, oil and gas, and marine industries, degreasers are commonly used to effectively remove grease and oil buildup within facilities, as well as on equipment and heavy machinery. But how exactly do industrial degreasers benefit businesses? 

Here are four ways: 

Enhances quality and performance

Overtime, due to the nature of the work and environment, industrial equipment and facilities can eventually suffer wear and tear as a result of regular use, excess grease and grime, and buildup of contaminants. By using an industrial degreaser, you can safely and effectively remove stubborn oil and grime. The use of degreasers prior to the use of specialist products will enhance their performance when removing carbon, rust, scale and paint, tars and many other organic contaminants too. This helps keep facilities clean and ensures your equipment performs better, for longer. 


Not only is it important to use an industrial degreaser – it is important to use it regularly, as this can be more cost-effective in areas of your business.

When oil and grease build up, there’s a potential for machinery malfunction and breakdowns. When businesses have a routine of using degreasers regularly and correctly, it reduces the chance of excess lubrication which can cause dirt and debris to accumulate and increase the potential of friction, overheating and damage. This can help your business reduce the need for possible expensive repairs, replacements, or even downtime.  

Helps you stay compliant

From slippery surfaces to oily work areas, industrial degreasers are essential for ensuring your business and environment is safe for your staff. With a degreaser, it can help you deeply cleanse to remove slip hazards, and allow you to degrease equipment without a lot of scrubbing force.

When choosing your industrial cleaning supplies, it’s important you’re choosing it from a reputable company that complies with regulations and requirements within your industry. At AGMA, we’re trusted by global leaders. Our solutions are designed and developed by our experienced, in-house team who work closely with regulatory experts, offering assurance that you can innovate while compliance is taken care of.

Can be eco-friendly 

Along with many other businesses, we believe it’s incredibly important to look after the environment around us. One of the ways in which businesses within industrial industries are now able to do this, is by choosing industrial cleaning products, such as degreasers, which have less impact on the environment. Water-based degreasers have less impact and harm on the environment, and have become more popular as they produce less pollution. Not only can this be more beneficial for your working environment, but it can also align with your sustainability goals. 


At AGMA, we offer 6 industrial degreasersAGMAKLENZ 42W, SOLCON 80R, SOLCON 80R LT, SOLCON 137, SOLCON 740, AGMASOL PS40 and IPA 99.7%. All of which have the qualities and abilities to effortlessly degrease equipment and hard surfaces  

To find out more about the industrial degreasers and industrial cleaning supplies we offer and how they can benefit your business, download our industrial brochure.